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Religious Easter Crafts for Seniors

When seeking religious Easter crafts, there are many options. For many individuals Easter is celebrated over a period of a short time leading approximately Easter Sunday. Many seniors prefer to make religious crafts for this special day dedicated to Christ. Though, when it comes to crafts ideas for seniors, they always prefer something devotional and easy to make. Let us take a look at some of the easy Easter crafts for seniors.

Religious Easter Cards

Easter Cards

Making colourful Easter cards is one of the most interesting and easy tasks for seniors. You can add different quotes, sayings and religious verses and give them to their grand children, family and friends of the special day of Easter. Adding different stickers and other attractive things to your card makes it more attractive. Some of the popular Bible verses that can be used in the cards are –

  • Trust in the Lord with all your heart
  • God is light
  • God is forever and ever
  • The Lord is risen indeed
  • The Lord is my Shepherd.

With these ingredients, the seniors can start making handmade Easter Cards.

Ombre Eggs

Christian Easter Egg Crafts

Eggs are of great significance in Easter. Elder can decorate the eggs by painting them with some striking colours. They can also write some Bible verses after painting them. Or can draw cross and colour it vibrantly.

Different Things Made From Polymer Clay

Seniors can make different things from polymer clay such as vases, pens, beads, bowls, holders and many others. To give them a religious touch, you can give them a shape of cross or put stickers of Jesus Christ. These can make a wonderful Easter gifts for your family, friends or acquaintances.


Mosaics are one of the easiest crafts seniors can make. You can make different kinds of planned designed or colourful abstract for Easter, making your past time more interesting. You can put religious pictures on the mosaic projects and make attractive things such as Picture frames. Flowerpots, Mirror frames, Trivets, Garden stepping stones and small table tops.

Religious Easter Crafts Made from Ceramics

With Ceramics, the seniors can easily make different sort of religious crafts for Easter. You can make daily used items such as bowls, mugs and pottery for gardening purpose. You can make it simple and religious with acrylic paints and close them with an acrylic spray sealer.

Easter is the most awaited Christian celebrations celebrated in Spring Season. People prefer to utilize their past time by making different kinds of arts and crafts for them self or for gifting to their family and friends on this special day. For making Religious Easter crafts, you can take ideas from different sources to make this day more creative and religious.