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Christmas tree Decorating Ideas for Elderly

Decorating the Christmas tree is a sacred ritual. It’s the one moment when everyone in the family gathers around the decorated tree; go on a spree in its glowing beauty. It doesn’t matter what color scheme you choose, decoration in whatever way you do is itself a celebration. Here are a few Christmas tree decoration ideas that will make the celebration of togetherness even more special and memorable.

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Elderly Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Celebration

Collected Memories Christmas tree – For this theme you need to prepare well ahead of time. Drag all your old ornaments out of the box and even ask your family members to send you a few of their favorites. Add at least one piece from every member in your family including your children and grandchildren, and spend an entire day decorating the tree, while sharing the stories about the ornaments.

Photo Tag Christmas tree – Decorate the Christmas tree with DIY photo ornaments, after all the holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones. Bring out your old album or if you have them in digital form just print those pictures in black-and-white or sepia-tone and when you have the whole bunch ready glue each picture atop plain paper shipping tags. The rest of the decoration will be simple, keeping the focal point on the photos.

Family Photos Christmas tree – This one is for the little ones in your family. They will surely love this theme. Take a Xerox of the family pictures and glue them to golden paper and frame them with a decorative trim and turn your Christmas tree into an amazing family scrapbook. Fill the rest of the place with kumquats, apples and vintage-style ornaments.

Crafty Christmas tree – It will be a great fun to decorate Christmas tree this year with handmade Christmas ornaments. Involve everyone in the family to create handmade ornaments of their choice like wreath, colorful candy, snowflake ornaments, animal ornaments and so on. You may cover the evergreen with multicolor beaded garland that gives a hint of candy necklace and adds simple sweetness to the decoration.

Christmas Craft

Paper Stars Christmas tree – This is wonderful idea if you have more kids in the house. Simple red, blue, pink and purple stars, decorated and written with beautiful quotes create the environment friendly and festive. Stick or hang these beautifully created stars using a matching color thread on a Christmas tree. This easily crafted Christmas tree look more appealing with a printed-ribbon on tree topper.

Santa-Inspired Christmas tree – Santa comes to meet us but only once each year. Do you know you can lengthen his visit? Yes, create a Santa-inspired Christmas tree and lengthen his visit as long as you want. Wrap the body area of the tree with red gossamer and sheer ribbon and top & bottom with a feather boa. Tie a large black belt in the center of the tree to resemble it with Santa’s waist. Finally, embellish the tree bottom with a pair of Santa-esque slippers.

Follow these simple tricks to decorate the Christmas tree in rather creative style and enjoy the celebration of togetherness.